We create digital immersive experiences
and city promenades with elements of augmented reality
Production Centre
We offer cutting-edge transmedia solutions with augmented reality elements to companies around the globe and from various sectors.

Our area of expertise includes, but is not limited to:
- Augmented reality performances
- City promenades
- Exhibitions in augmented reality
- Interactive installations
- Product demonstrations
- Loyalty programs
- Immersive digital shows
- Digital museum spaces
- Other solutions that amplify or enhance 'real' objects or environments.

Creating immersive experiences
The world's first augmented reality theatre performance
>>>ATALANTA is a 45 minute long augmented reality promenade that unfolds on the eclectic streets of Kitay-Gorod — one of Moscow's prominent historic districts. The show is based on Atalanta Fugiens, the 1617 emblem book by the German philosopher and alchemist Michael Maier.
Production team:
Director — Maxim Didenko
Choreographer — Vladimir Varnava
Art director — Ilya Starilov
Composers — Ivan Kushnir and Aleksandr Karpov
Producer and dramaturge — Evgeniy Mandelschtam
Submit your immersive experience to our platform
We invite artists and companies around the world to submit their own digital performances to our AR platform, which is hosted on the Immerse mobile app. The app allows creators to add interactive digital content to geotags and location-based markers. This technique enables custom AR scenes to automatically appear on the screen when the user arrives at the specified coordinates.

Submitting your show has never been easier; all you need to provide are:
  • 3D models (FBX)
  • Audio files (OGG)
  • Geographic coordinates of the route
The rest is on us!
Contact us
+7 985 454-42-05 (Russia)
HQ: 1 Bolshoy Trehsvyatitelsky lane, Moscow, Russia
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